Healthy skin is the foundation of a beauty, long-lasting tan. Tanning lotions and accelerator products not only help give you a deeper, darker tan, but also moisturize your skin to help maintain a healthy glow. Using the lotions is one of the best protections you can have. At SUNKISS TAN, we carry top of the line products like tanning accelerators, moisturizers, after-tan products and accessories. You will find the latest and greatest products from brands such as Designer Skin, California Tan, Australian Gold, Swedish Beauty and VersaSpa instant Sunless.


Hello gorgeous, hello bronze! Bronzers help get your skin darker than it will naturally allow. We offer two types of bronzers to cater to tanners at any stage of their color building process. Natural, Instant and DHA dark tanning lotions all from Designer Skin, California Tan, Australian Gold and Swedish Beauty.

If you want dark, luscious skin, accelerating lotions are a must have. Intensifiers are pure white lotion products that contain melanin stimulating agents and moisturizing ingredients. Most have some combination of power antioxidants to combat free radical damage. We offer accelerators from Designer Skin, California Tan, Australian Gold and Swedish Beauty.



Nobody wants their tan to last only a few days, but our skin naturally is working against us. The best way to look great for longer is with a Tan Extender product. Extend the life of your tan beyond your tanning sessions with soothing and nutrient-rich tan extending products that don’t contain mineral oil from Hempz, Australian Gold, Hemp Nation, and Designer Skin.

Let’s face it, certain parts of your body require a different skin care solution for the best results. The same goes for tanning products. Many areas on your body tan differently than the rest. Enhance your legs with a Designer Skin DHA lotion product featuring shave-minimizing and firming ingredients, or facial lotion products specifically formulated for the sensitive skin on your face.