No contracts and no long-term commitments.

At SUNKISS TAN, we offer a variety of pricing options to best suite your needs. Our most popular option is our RESIDENT V.I.P Membership. This is the best value and a perfect choice for our clients who utilize our services frequently. We also offer Single Sessions and Packages for our clients who don’t tan often. Call us at 760-424-8633 or stop by our Palm Springs location and we’ll help you pick the best package


Our RESIDENT V.I.P memberships allow you to tan once a day in any of our tanning beds or VersaSpa spray tan booth. You’re going to get the best price by being a member at SUNKISS TAN. Our RESIDENT V.I.P memberships come with several benefits like 20% off tanning lotion,  tans and much more!

SUNKISS TAN is happy to offer packages of individual tanning sessions. This option will be best if you don’t plan to come in often or just want a few sessions before a vacation. The more sessions you buy upfront the more money you’ll save! Your tanning bed sessions and spray tans won’t ever expire and you can also share them with anyone!



If you’re traveling for business or just new to our salon and want to try us out then we offer individual tanning sessions as well as individual spray tan sessions. This is a great way to check out all of the services we offer.